Banner (Flash, JPG, GIF)

Ladiescash offers you purposefully targeted cutting-edge advertising material you can embed into your website for an ideal application. Both static jpg’s and elaborate Flash animations are available to your fast and easy use. We provide you with our custom-tailored banners for different target groups and special deals. Of course, all the banners are also available for rated contents (PG13, R, NC 17; German rating system: FSK12, FSK16 and FSK18).

We offer the most established banner formats. You can either use the easy download or get the link for those. Obviously, we also offer special formats. Contact us any time and we will help you find exactly what you want.

Additionally, our support team is always there to help you embed the banners into your website accurately. Should you have any questions regarding the technical side of things or the graphics, we are here to help you make money with us! Register now and select the advertising material that is just right for you!

Landing pages

We offer you optimized landing pages in different designs, color schemes and languages which allow your target group users a direct and easy registration. This gives you all the choices and makes it easy for you to optimize the performance of your campaigns.

We use different motives to make the user feel like he is experiencing something new all the time, which is how we increase the conversion rate. Our support team will customize the landing pages according to your wishes, so it will be exactly what you want. Should you have any ideas for a new landing page or for new advertising materials, our support team would love to hear them!